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Common Conditions

Lower Back Pain- Lower back pain is an extremely common condition that affects 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. However, the symptoms and severity of lower back pain vary greatly and may be caused by many different things. The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. You can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, and irritate joints, all of which can lead to back pain. While  accidents orsports injuries

Neck Pain-  In recent years, between 48%1 and 60%2 of adult persons in the United States reported experiencing neck or low back pain in the previous 3 months, while severe headache or migraine. Neck pain is discomfort in any of the structures in the neck. These include muscles and nerves as well as spinal vertebrae and the cushioning disks in between. Neck muscles can be strained from poor posture, wear and tear, abnormalities in the bone or joints, degenerative diseases and accidents/trauma. 

Headaches- There is an estimated that 1 in 6 Americans suffer from chronic headaches. A Headache is defined as pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. The pain will usually originate from tissues and structures that surround the brain, because the brain itself does not contain nerves with pain sensation. Headaches can be commonly classified into three classifications of primary, secondary and cranial neuralgias with a few other headaches. 

Carpal Tunnel- s a problem that affects the wrist and hand. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling and numbness can make even simple tasks hard to perform. But carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated, and your symptoms can be controlled. 

Auto Injury- If you have been in a motor vehicle accident as a driver or passenger at any speed, you should have your spine and nervous system checked immediately. It is not uncommon for painful symptoms to show up later when you don’t feel much pain initially after the impact. 

Work Injury- Workers’ Compensation is a term used by the State which is used by your employer and your doctor to describe the process of care to be taken when you are injured at work. One of the most common disabling injuries on the job is strain and sprain of the back or spine or reparative motion injury such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Mid Back Pain- Back pain is a very common problem and according to one researcher, almost 7 percent of the U.S. adult population is suffering from an episode of back pain lasting more than two weeks. 

Muscle and Soft Tissue Injuries

Shoulder Pain-  What most people call the shoulder is really several joints that combine with tendons and muscles to allow a wide range of motion to the arm. Mobility has its price, however. It may lead to increasing problems with instability of soft tissue resulting in pain. The pain may be temporary and disappear in a short time, or it may continue and require medical diagnosis and treatment.

Elbow Pain- Tennis elbow is the common name given to pain originating on the outside of the elbow. This condition arises from an irritation of the tendons of one or several forearm muscles at their attachment to the bony protuberance close to the elbow joint. If the condition is located on the inside of the elbow it is often referred as Golfer’s Elbow. -Read More

Knee pain-  is one of the most common ailments of the musculoskeletal system. Problems with the knee can be classified into three categories: 1) poor mechanics or overuse of the knee joint, 2) traumatic injury from events such as sports and falls, and 3) problems due to arthritic changes in the joint. -Read More

Shin splints- are the name given to pain at the front of the lower leg. It’s an overuse syndrome involving the leg muscles that stabilize and move the ankle and foot. During the first injury the muscle fibers tear from their periosteal attachment surface. During the healing phase they can become fibrotic which makes the area less resilient than normal muscle attachments. During further uses they fail to lengthen properly which causes exponential increases in tension on the attachment and a repeat of the injury. Proper treatment will break down the fibrous tissue making the muscle behave more like a rubber band than a rope as it lengthens to the end of its range of motion. -Read More

Foot Pain- The average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day. It is no wonder that many people have aches and pain in this part of the body.

Whiplash- Personal injury is a term often used to describe an injury most commonly caused by a car accident. It may also include other types of injury such as a slip or fall.  Whiplash is most commonly associated with rear-end car collisions in which the passenger in the front vehicle gets their head forcefully jerked backward and then forward causing injury.

Breast Cancer Prevention- Chiropractic does not cure cancer. Chiropractic is providing care based on whole person approach, comprehensive, integrative care, incorporating chiropractic services and other supportive therapies into its advanced, evidenced-based cancer treatments. 


Sports Injuries- No matter what activity one does, there is always the risk of injury. Injury can be broken down into two basic types, one from trauma such as a slip, fall or collision and the other being of the over-use or repetitive stress variety. Traumatic injuries can cause the debilitating type of problems often associated with trauma. 

Arthritis- literally means “inflammation of a joint”. There are more than 100 recognized forms of arthritis. However, most people affected by arthritis have one or two common types. Rheumatoid arthritis usually occurs between the ages of 20 and 55. Almost any joint can be affected. The most common are the wrists, fingers, feet and knees. 

Feet and Ankle Pain



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