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Cold & Flu Season

The secret to staying healthy through the cold and flu season is having a strong immune system. This only comes if you have a fully functional body. Thus, you better have a comprehensive wellness program to support your immune system. Doctor's Choice Rehab in McAllen, TX can show how chiropractic care can achieve success in this area. 


When is Cold and Flu Season?

Usually, the cold and flu season begins in early November and last all the way through to March. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the highest number of known cases occur in December. It averages out to 1 out of every 5 individuals will either contract a cold or flu during this time frame. 

What are the Symptoms of a Cold and Flu?

The common cold is a bacterial infection that overtakes a person's entire body. Often, the end results are continuous coughing, sneezing, runny nose and a void of energy. Do not be surprised if you're asleep while your immune system tries to fight off these symptoms. 

The flu is more contagious than a common cold as it is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. Some of the obvious symptoms include a mid-to-high fever, body aches and severe intestinal discomfort. Depending on the severity of the illness, the symptoms could linger inside your body for over a week.

How Chiropractic Care Fights Off Cold & Flu Symptoms

To guarantee that your immune system is fully healthy heading into the cold and flu season, you better regularly visit your chiropractor. A healthier immune system gives you a better shot to fight off all symptoms in the air. 

Chiropractic care gives your body a much-needed boost to combat the cold and flu season. How is it done? Well, chiropractic care helps to raise your immune system's natural resistance towards all diseases. This is accomplished by removing any interference that could prevent your body from functioning at full capacity.

One of the biggest fighters against an infection is an elevated body temperature. However, this is impossible if your immune system is not functioning as well. You lose your first line of defense against all cold and flu symptoms.

Chiropractic Adjustment Helps Immune System

Yes, a simple chiropractic adjustment will help your immune system to function better. The procedure removes all blockage by releasing the pressure off the nerves. This allows more communication throughout the body. Thus, your immune system is healthy enough to defeat all incoming infections. 

Regular Chiropractic Care is Very Beneficial

The human body receives significant benefits from regular chiropractic care. Obviously, the biggest benefit is gaining the strength to fight off the symptoms of a common cold and flu inside the body. But it helps to live a healthier lifestyle by eating a better diet and exercising daily.

Plus, the mind has a huge impact on your immune system. It's important to decrease stress in your life. If not, then you will cut off the activity level of your white cell blood count. Chiropractors call them "the foot soldiers" of your immune system in the battle against all infections. Often, your body works best when your mood is happy and enjoying a stress-free life.

Call Doctor’s Choice Rehab Today!

If you are looking for an alternative method to combat the cold and flu season, then don't look further than Doctor's Choice Rehab in McAllen, TX. Our staff can help with learning how chiropractic care improves the condition of your immune system. Call and set an appointment today. 



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